Throwback Thursday – Dishevel 2001 – $5 Shirts

#tbt #2001 I know not all my #shirts are this #inexpensive, but that has been my #goal with DoYouGet.Me? Since the beginning…read on for more.

When I was in Dishevel we were just a small hardcore punk band that was too late for the famous #AZHC #hardcore/#metalcorescene of Overcome and Unruh a couple years earlier and too early for the hardcore rebirth in AZ a couple years later with Where Eagles Dare and North Side Kings. We didn’t have money or a record deal or a fancy tour van (except my parents old minivan that we turned into the #Dishevelwagon and ultimately blew the engine trying to make it to a show) We just wanted to play and have fun. For me it was knowing that someone out there had our crappy self produced/recorded album, our DIY flyers and posters, buttons, stickers and especially a #shirt. Yes at first we even did iron on transfers for shirts. It wasn’t until later that we found a screen printer that eneded up printing our shirts for around $7 a shirt and we would sell them for $10 and yes as the picture shows $5 a shirt. We lost money, but for me I just enjoyed people having my bands shirt. And so it continues with DoYouGet.Me? I may not be able to sell dirt cheap shirts all the time but I pride myself on being able to produce designs/shirts that I can get in your hands and on your body (? creepy wink here) for a relatively inexpensive price especially when you factor in #FreeShipping. .
#staytrue #DontForgetYourRoots#DoYouGetMe? .

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