POSI – Keeping that PMA


POSI – KEEPING THAT PMA | Are You POSI or in other words do you have a Positive Mental Attitude (PMA)? Get this shirt and Show Who You Are.

Along with the music I was also inspire by the commitment of Toby Morse, of H2O, to share his experiences and setting up a non-profit called One Life, One Chance (OLOC) with the mission is to engage and inspire elementary, middle and high school students to make healthy choices and live a Drug Free life. Through public speaking engagements, Toby Morse informs students how possible it is to maintain a Positive Mental Attitude (PMA), break stereotypes be a leader and maintain self-respect.

Purchase this shirt and DoYouGet.Me? will make a 33.3% donation of the purchase price to One Life, One Chance to keep that mission going. KEEP THAT PMA! 



POSI and PMA terms made popular in the Hardcore and Punk music scene from Positive Youth Crews and by bands like Bad Brains, H2O, BOLD, Youth of Today, Good Clean Fun among many others that shared music that inspired and lyrics like:

“And no one said it was gonna be easy
And I’m not afraid to try
And with the odds stacked up against me, I will have to fight
One life, one chance, gotta do it right!!!”
– H2O | “One Life, One Chance”

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DoYouGet.Me? is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Toby Morse or One Life One Chance. Donations will be made to One Life, One Chance after each purchase in amount of 33.3% of the purchase price.

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