Justice – No Sexism in Our Scene


Justice. This design was inspired by one of DoYouGet.Me?’s very own customers with a challenge and a desire to have more women’s rights t-shirts in the Straight Edge scene. As a result DYGM was inspired to introduce a new “Women’s Empowerment Line” to its collection. This Justice design is proud to be the first in that line that also spans into the straight edge line.

This shirt is available in 4 main design options in black ink and choice of base color shirt:

  • Edge Front and Back (X on her hand and “Straight Edge No Sexism in Our Scene” on the back)
  • Non-Edge Front and Back ( No X on her hand and just “No Sexism in Our Scene” on the back)
  • Edge Front Only (X on her hand, but no back design)
  • Non-Edge Front Only ( No X on her hand, and no back design)

The reason for the different design options is because this design and this cause is greater than just the Straight Edge, Hardcore or Punk Scene. DoYouGet.Me?


Additional information

Weight .4 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × .5 in