I’ll BEE Your Friend


I’ll BEE Your Friend. Inspired by my own daughter who saved a bumble bee from drowning in a pool. At first she was a little afraid that it would sting her. But soon, and with a little education, she realized that there was nothing to fear. She befriended him (yes “him” male bumble bees don’t have stingers – Knowledge is Power), helped him dry off, talked to him, petted him (have you seen anyone pet a bee before?) and nursed him back to health. She became his hero and he became her friend.

This act of pure love, respect, unity and trust led me to come up with this design.  I simply wish the whole world would share the same values with each other. Perhaps we can learn something from this 14 year old. Knowledge is Power. Know Who You Are. Show Who You Are. DoYouGet.Me?

Available in Adult and Youth Sizes


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Dimensions 6 × 4 × .5 in