Burn Your Ships


Burn Your Ships | This shirt is 3rd in the DoYouGet.Me? PMA Line.

Inspired by my reading of Napoleon Hill’s books on personal achievement and success.  Dr. Hill shares the story of the famed conquistador Hernán Cortés. Upon landing in Veracruz he commanded his men to “Burn the Ships!” With their escape and ride home gone, Cortés instilled in his men’s minds a definiteness of purpose: “We Win or We Perish”.

This shirt is to help remember to cultivate a definiteness of purpose and keep a Positive Mental Attitude. DoYouGet.Me?

Available in various colors and inks featuring a limited edition gold print. Knowledge is Power. Know Who You Are. Show Who You Are. DoYouGet.Me?

Click here to learn more about Napoleon Hill and his work on Personal Achievement from the Napoleon Hill Foundation


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